Thursday, September 2, 2010

Acwerk Meeting of August 2010

183/1/91, Plot 7a, Fourth Cross Street, Vivekananda Avenue
New Fairlands, Salem-636016, Tamil Nadu - INDIA
Tel:91.0427.2430702, Fax: 91.0427.2331052

Thirty Fourth Meeting of Acwerk
03 September, 2010.
0700 to 1600 Hrs.
At Salem Office, 183/1/91 New Fairlands, Salem-636016


Meeting was called for and chaired by;
Dr. Chinnaiyan, Managing Trustee
Meeting attended by two Trustees and Four Members
Trustees Dr. Chinnaiyan & Athiya Chinnaiyan
Three Members attended;
D. Joseph, J. Elizabeth, J. Prasath Rajkumar 
Objective of Meeting;
To discuss the medical activities and Administrative functions of Trust for the month of August 2010;
Topic of Discussion:
Medical Consultations: At Dasasamudram Clinic, Omalur and Navapatty Clinic, Mettur for the month of August, 2010.

Management of Clinics-August 2010
Medical Officer:1
Total Staff strength:6

Four clinics were held at Dasasamudram-Omalur: 04, 11, 18 & 25 August, 2010
Two Clinics were held at Navapatty-Mettur: 13 & 27 August, 2010
Two Enumeration Sessions were held at Navapatty-Mettur: 12 & 26 August, 2010 Total Consultations: 164 (147 at Dasasamudram Clinic & 17 at Navapatty Clinic)
New Consultations:39 at Dasasamudram and 9 at Navapatty=48
Review:108 at Dasasamudram and 8 at Navapatty=116
Early Leprosy New: 1 at Dasasamudram
Leprosy Review: 12 at Dasasamudram
Tuberculosis New: 1 at Dasasamudram
Tuberculosis Review:6 at Dasasamudram
Skin New:15 at Dasamudram & 1 at Navapatty=16
Skin Review:44 at Dasasamudram & 4 at Navapatty=48
Gen. Med.New:22 at Dasasamudram & 8 at Navapatty=30
Gen. Med. Review:46 at Dasasamudram & 4 at Navapatty=50
Lab Screening:29 at Dasasamudram & 7 at Navapatty=36
Physiotherapy:12 at Dasasamudram & 1 at Navapatty=13
Surgical Dressing:2 at Dasasamudram
Prescriptions:139 at Dasasaudram & 17 at Navapatty=156
MCR Footwear:nil

04 August
:18 Villages and 1 Town
11 August:
13 Villages and 1 Town
13 August:4 Villages
18 August
:22 Villages and 2 Towns
25 August:12 Villages
27 August:
5 Villages
Most villages were from Omalur Taluk.
Most Early Leprosy were from Omalur Taluk.
All Leprosy and Tuberculosis patient's who were under treatment were given food and travel allowance.
Leprosy Patient's are under treatment and;
9 Tuberculosis patient's are under treatment.
rcentage of treatment attendance:
Medical project expenses: Rs.46,000/-
Admin. Expenses: Rs.78,000/-
Purchase of Office Equipments:Rs.35,000/-
Budget for the month of August 2010:
Medical Project:Rs.50,000
A total of 6 clinic days and 12 screening days per month at Dasasamudram and Navapatty are scheduled.
(The screening days in August were attended mostly by patients under treatment for collecting medicines)
Dr. T.M. Chinnaiyan
Managing Trustee
03 September, 2010

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